Aksu Uçak Bakim Teknolojisi M.T.A.L is the first thematic and project school in its branch Aksu Aircraft Maintenance Technology Vocational High School continues education and training in Antalya’s Aksu district with its 395 students and 35 staff. Students aged 14-18 and grades from 9 -12.

The school started education in 2016-2017 educational year and there is a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-400 type passenger airplane (being used as a library now) in the school yard. On 07.06.2018 with the participation of our Minister of Foreign Affairs opening ceremony of aircraft library, museum and mini cinema hall took place.

The school has nine protocols related to vocational training cooperation in the sector. Altough being a Vocational high school, our school also has Gymnasium program including Physics Maths, Chemist, Literature and English classes. The English level of 9 and 10 , A2 and 11 grades is B1 and B2, the 12th grades is B2 according to CEFR. Several club activities are conducted such as aviation club and Space and Technology club. Our students also deal with sportive activities and we have several teams such as basketball, volleyball, football and athletism, they join national competitions and get medals.

There is a science lab, an art class and a music class in our school along with a conference hall. Students are keen on technology and use the computer labs actively. In the Space and Technology club they work on ICT related projects. All the classrooms have smartboards which make lessons more interactive.

As a school we conduct virtual e twinning projects and our students take place in the activities and complete tasks. Students use computer labs actively. They are very eager about using social media and internet. However they are not aware of the safe and smart usage of technology. In the recent years the school had problems about cyber bullying and organized some events and activities to prevent this problem, gave seminars about the topic.

The Project Management and Implementation Team was established under the direction of the Headmaster of our School and it consists of 10 persons. Our English teachers Gülşen TOPÇU and Gamze ERŞAHİN are in charge of Coordination and Communication .Our other English teacher Mustafa Bayram and Assistant manager are responsible for Project Monitoring and Evaluation, other three teachers (physics, art and P.E teachers) in our school are responsible for disseminating the Project Results.The technical deputy manager and literature teacher are in charge of Budget control and financial issues. In this way, the implementation of the project will be ensured effectively.



Project Co-financed by the ERASMUS+ PROGRAM
FINANCIAL CONTRACT No.: 2020-1-IT02-KA229-079259_4

Aksu Uçak Bakim Teknolojisi M.T.A.L


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