We won the tender in 2020 and started building bridges during the Pandemic. At first the students, with their teachers’ support, were asked to build teams and take part in a monthly challenge  aimed at the creation of multimedia presentations. We chose the word “challenge” in order to mitigate the negative helo that this word  had  acquired after the tragic episodes of risky challenges posted by teens on the Internet in a period of uncontrolled use of social media such as the pandemic in 2020.

Building Bridges intended to show the positive side of the web ”challenge”, a healthier and more responsible one, aiming to break down barriers and build bridges. We put into practice what it means to engage in sincere, empathic, supportive relationships when the journeys started, and we got in touch with different cultures, as it happened in Portugal, Bulgaria, Turkey and finally in Italy, in the project leader school.

Project Co-financed by the ERASMUS+ PROGRAM
FINANCIAL CONTRACT No.: 2020-1-IT02-KA229-079259_4

Building Bridges during Pandemic


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