Today, Tuesday 9 February 2021, we celebrate the 18th edition of Safer Internet Day with our partners Erasmus: Bulgaria Italy Portugal and Turkey.

With our project Building real and virtual bridges, with a common theme – once again – “Together for a better internet”, we are happy to share some drawings and thoughts of our pupils with the world wide web.

I think that nowadays the web is a portal that immerses you in another world, where there are many positive aspects but unfortunately also many negative aspects.
You have to know how to swim in it otherwise you risk being targeted and bullied because many people have no empathy and reflect their failures on other people, very often smaller than them. Europe is doing a good job with regards to web security, in fact if we think of other states outside of Europe internet security doesn’t exist and there is no type of censorship. Asia

The web, when it’s used with respect for the rights of others and in a transparent way, is an extraordinarily democratic means because it puts everyone on the same plane, overcoming distances and physical obstacles. It gives the opportunity to get to know, compare, exchange ideas, creating empathy and preparing the ground for a physical knowledge that will certainly be easier. And the idea of meeting other European students of my age with customs different from mine, not only does it unite me with our Europe but it makes me feel like a citizen of the world. Gaia

I think that social networks are useful and dangerous at the same time. They are useful because they help you to remain in contact with your friends but they are dangerous because you can also be a victim of cyberbullying. Friends are important, in this period we can’t see each other and it’s terrible. What I mostly miss in this period is to have direct contact with them. Giulia

The choice of taking part into this project implies the desire to welcome people from other cultures and want to put themselves in their shoes. Talking about friendship, the heritage of one’s nation or social networks will offer me the opportunity to broaden my horizons through comparison and knowledge of others. What’ more discussing topics that are so interesting for teenagers will allow me to learn to accept opinions different from mine and to understand what it means for other people to be European citizens. Jacopo

Project Co-financed by the ERASMUS+ PROGRAM
FINANCIAL CONTRACT No.: 2020-1-IT02-KA229-079259_4

Safer Internet Day 2021


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