The idea of this project was born thanks to previous ongoing educational activities carried out in our school to prevent and oppose bullying and cyber-bullying. As remarked in the Call priorities and in the soft skill (tied to citizenship skills), ICT, or students’ problem solving, we have decided to build up an international project which would involve other European partners interested in these topics.”Building real and virtual Bridges” intends to create a connection between the different groups of the different countries involved in the project, both in the real and virtual worlds.

It aims to go beyond the borders, remove the obstacles in communication, promote constructive sharing of ideas between teachers and students. As specified in the priorities of the project, we aim to achieve fruitful cooperation to achieve inclusion, integration, tolerance, and the correct use of new technologies, thanks to quality activities and efficient teamwork.


The main objectives we are trying to achieve are:

  • Identifying all dynamics which generate stereotype and prejudice through a questionnaire; recognizing and analyzing accurately bullying and cyberbullying phenomena in the educational context.
  • Planning actions to oppose bullying and cyberbullying
  • Promoting: inclusivity, integration, empathy, cooperation within the group.
  • Offering positive alternatives to electronic devices.
  • The results we aspire to acquiring or reinforcing the skill of building functional and friendly ties. Face conflict, discuss it, open up, and tolerate.
  • Building up loyal class groups, ethically and socially competent able to engage with other class groups, with Institutions, with society and environment in a critical and constructive way.

All these objectives are tied to the selected priorities of a more effective education based on incisiveness, inclusion, creativity and the correct use of new technologies.

Project Co-financed by the ERASMUS+ PROGRAM
FINANCIAL CONTRACT No.: 2020-1-IT02-KA229-079259_4

About the Project


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