Dimitar Talev Secondary School was established 32 years ago. It has 627 students, allocated in 31 forms on three different levels: Juniors (from 1 to 4 year); Secondary (from 5 to 8 year) and “A” levels (year 9 to 12).

The school curriculum offers an IT profile course with intensive learning of English,after year 7. We have got 64 teachers, with UnivThrough ersity diplomas and a lot of experience.They are highly qualified teachers, committed keeping up with the constant updating of the teaching methods. The admin staff consists of 6 persons.the years we built up a very good workmanship and collaboration with each other and created a good relationship with students, parents and local community.

The school’s motivation to join this project is to identify the risks of cyberbullying, to detect the signs and nip them in the bud, to learn new ways and opportunities for healthy ways of spending time, to broaden students’ knowledge in the English language skills, to work in groups and teams, to improve ITC skills, learn openness and understanding of other cultures, make new friends and contacts in order to expand the European dimension at school.

Due to the mobile phones and the various applications, students can learn at their pace and take their time at understanding things, as everything is just a click away. The work on Erasmus + projects gives pupils opportunities to implement their ideas in the lessons, to practice and to increase their knowledge in English and the IT, and thus make them an active part of the educational process. The present project will improve students’ computer skills, boost the level of their knowledge and experience, and help the graduates continue their education in the field of ICT. Using our knowledge, we would like to deal and fight all sources of cyberbullying, provide protection of the cyberspace and secure safe surfing on the Internet.

Cooperation between all countries will improve hard skills according to EU key competences, particularly in communication in a foreign language and digital competence. The key people in charge of running the project will be the school’s representatives,teachers from project team and Secondary level students. The school has got experience in activities related to this project.

The annual meeting between students and representatives of the Police of State was held at the school. We also provided a seminar for parents in order to make them aware of the dangers of the internet. Once a year a school event is organized on the occasion of International Day for Tolerance “Week Against Bullying”. Cyberbullying is one of the topics that are usually discussed with 7th, 8th and 9th form students in the English classes when talking about types of bullying and new technologies. At the same time, we conduct awareness campaigns about the hazards of Internet communication with strangers, enhancing internet culture, encouraging students to participate in outdoor activities, sports activities and communicate with peers.


Project Co-financed by the ERASMUS+ PROGRAM
FINANCIAL CONTRACT No.: 2020-1-IT02-KA229-079259_4

Dimitar Talev Secondary School


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